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What Men Should Consider before Getting Married to a Lady (Opinion)

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What men should consider before getting married to a lady.

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Marriage used to be a union of man and woman who loves each other and have made up their mind to be together till death apart them, but nowadays we cannot say such. People are now getting married for benefits, they don't care about love and understanding anymore.

This common problem has cause numerous marriage to fail even before it started, divorce is now order of the day.

Just this year we have recorded over hundred homes that clashed due to simple misunderstanding between couples, but can we fold hands and watch more homes break down?

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As a man who wants to get married to a lady, here are few things you must first consider before marriage rites.

1. Is she the woman for me?

Many guys make this mistake and continue to repeat it, that you are dating a young girl or paying her school fees/feedings doesn't automatically make her your wife. You should ask yourself, does she want to spend old age with you?

2. Do you love her enough?

Remember in the next few years those things that attracted you to her will fade off and you will have love to compete with.

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3. Can you live with her character.

We all know that people tend to hide their bad characters while courting but no matter how she do that, you must get a tip of it. Can you cope with the little one displayed? Your answer will determine whether to proceed or withdraw interest.

4. Am I ready to settle down?

Getting a companion comes with a lot of responsibilities and sacrifices, both parties must drop some bad attitudes to accommodate each other excessiveness.

When you put these and several other important questions/answers into consideration, you're good to go.

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