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See How A Teenager Masterminded A Scam, Used Grab App Vulnerability To Cheat Firm Of Over $26k

Emily234 06/24/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. A teenager who opened a vulnerability in the Grab application payment system then explained the fraud that caused the company to run nearly 2,000 fake bookings last year at a price of more than $ 26,000.

Ryan Wong Wei Ji, now aged 20, had invited his childhood friend, 22-year-old Chua Wei Ben, to participate in this series. Chua, on the other hand, had also invited Kenneth Ho Hong Wei, 23. All three are full-time national soldiers. In April last year, the three Singaporeans managed to recruit 14 other people under the program, promising them commissions of up to $ 400 per week.

Wong pleaded guilty on Tuesday to a case involving a conspiracy to deceive GrabTaxi Holdings between February and April last year.

Deputy lawyer Phoebe Leu said Wong devised a plan to deceive Grab in January last year to pay money for a ghost trip on GrabHitch, a service that allows people to book trips with private car drivers.

He had previously learned that, at the cost of the driver, he could order a ride at GrabHitch with a debit card linked to an empty bank account. He can then receive such reservations through a separate driver account and register pickup and delivery points in the application without going on any trips.

The DPP said: "On this basis, Grab will be forced to pay the fraudulent driving profit to the 'driver' who receives the reservation. Grab will calculate the cost of the trip from a debit card provided by the 'driver'."

"However, Grab is not paid because the bank account linked to the debit card has no funds."

In February last year, Wong tied the rope to Chua, who offered his driver a bill to use. They agreed to divide the spoil equally.

Over the next few weeks, they meet every Friday to order fraudulent rides. They order two rides a day for every working day except Friday.

To increase their profits, the two then tied the rope to the others, including Ho.

The crime was revealed when, on April 17 last year, an analyst for a serious operation discovered a fraudulent transaction and warned the police. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Yesterday, the court requested a report assessing Wang's suitability for probation and reform training. Criminals who have received reform training are held at the center where they follow a strict regime that includes foot training and counseling.

Wong, who has not pay back and will sentenced on 30 June. Lawsuits against Chua and Ho are ongoing.

Source: opera.com
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