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Apostle Joshua Selman's Message That Transformed My Life

TheGRACE 06/24/2020

There are numerous messages of this humble and Holy Ghost branded man of God that has changed the lives of many people both in Nigeria and other countries, but if you have not listen to his teachings on Envoy of His Presence, I'm sorry to say that you are not yet carrying God's identity. It was after I finished my NYSC early 2018 I got to listen to this message, this message removed the dark veil from my understanding, just as the scriptures says "the entrance of thy Word giveth light". I got to know my capabilities as a child of God, I become bolder to represent Christ at every opportunity I get.

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I started experiencing new dimensions in my life when I got his teachings on knowing God experientially. It was a message that gave my faith a quantum leap.

Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmark, is a native of Zaria in Kaduna where he is spreading the tentacles of the gospel of Christ. ENI (Eternity Network International) Koinonia meaning fellowship with the Holy Spirit

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His selfless love and compassion for humanity is on the increase, as he continually teaches and enlighten Christians on spiritual growth, laws & principles, kingdom advancement, mystery of deliverance, altars & foundation, ministry of the Holy Spirit... And many more.

One can not listen and follow Apostle's message without becoming a better version of oneself.

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Join me to celebrate and pray for him as we he increase in age tomorrow 25th of June.

May your love for God's work keeps increasing till all blind in spirit received their sight in Jesus' name.

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Happy birthday to a humble man of the season. Keep soaring in Christ Apostle.

Kindly share and drop your prayer for this vessel unto honour

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