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Remember Manpreet in The Heir? Here's what she said about her love life

falaqamin 06/25/2020

Farnaz Shetty is 28 years old and played the character "Manpreet Pawania" in Zee World's "The Heir".

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She dated her co-star Neel Motwani who was "Raj Bajwa" in the same show. Things went south along the line and their relationship ended.

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Neel moved on to date another co-star Vindhya Tiwary (Sakshi in The Heir).

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Neel and Vindhya began making marriage preparations later on. Farnaz did have something to say when she was interviewed about it and her love life in general.

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She stated during the interview with IWMBuzz that she is not in a hurry to date again.

"Rather than going around, this time I hope to directly get hitched. Either my folks find some groom for me, or some guy pops the question upfront".

When asked her opinion about live-in couples, she replied "I live with my family, so my mom will shoot me. Also, my cultural upbringing does not allow me for the same. I don’t think you need to test someone; if he is meant for you, he will come, any which ways".

Farnaz further said "Personally, I prefer a non-industry guy; being part of the same crowd brings its own issues (lifestyle and struggle) to the table. Having said that, non-industry guys, on the other hand, might not get our way of functioning and timings. All said and done though, if there is genuine love and understanding between two people, everything else can be worked out".

She said she has learnt a lot from her past relationships. In response to whether she'll attend her ex boyfriend and co-star's marriage, she replied "I would like them to send the card first".

Neel and Vindhya aren't married yet but they are still dating.

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