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Meet FearGod Prince, Facebook popular writer who claims he's more handsome than Lee Min Hoo

feargodprince 06/26/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. A popular Facebook story writer with over 141k fans on 16th of June 2020, posted a picture telling his fans to vote between him and Lee Min Hoo on who is more handsome.

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Lee Min Hoo is a popular Korean actor. His picture started going viral unlike before as most Nigerian girls start expressing their crush on him. Many voted voted FearGod Prince while others voted the Korean actor, Lee Min Hoo. On the commente below FearGod Prince post.

Praise said. "All this talk about Lee min hoo and surgery is a very big lie.. The guy has not done any surgery, the only problem with everybody is the way people hype the guy.. Some people are just doing it on purpose.So if you want to vex concern you.

Another fan said. "A is finer, common will you compare our skin with theirs or were u guys there when he did the plastic surgery aah nigerians. See he is cuter than b of course u can't compare him with B ooooo.

Miriam said. "Natural beauty is the best. Its not about what people think of you, rather it's what you think of your self".

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