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Ghana Earthquake: Sango Is Paying You Back For Demolishing Nigeria Embassy, Nigerians Mocks Ghanaian

MasterDoro2 06/25/2020

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Worries held Ghanaians on Wednesday, June 24, 2020, when significant part of Accra experienced earth tremors (earth quake). 

Report has it that the earthquake which occurred at about 10:40 pm, happened multiple times over the course of about 10 minutes.

A few occupants of Accra New Town, Legon, Dansoman, Kasoa, Haatso, Kwashiman, Teshie, Nungua, McCarthy Hill, Osu, Ablekuma Manhean, Kaneshie, Achimota, Adenta, Circle, Kokomlemle, among others said they felt the earthquake while it was going on. 

Ghanaians took to the microblogging stage, Twitter, to express their fears as they thanked God for his kindness, thinking about whether Rapture had occurred and they have been deserted in view of their wrongdoings (sin). 

All things considered, Nigerians have gone online to ridicule them, proclaiming that the seismic tremor is a profound recompense to them for destroying Nigeria's Embassy in their country.

See some of the comments and reaction below.


Earthquakeuake in Ghana. An otherworldly restitution for obliterating Nigeria's government office.


"That Earthquake in Ghana should serve as a notice. Your issue is in the possession of our SANs [Amadioha and Sango]. Contact any structure that is involved by Nigerians once more." 


"At the point when you play with a nation that has enough witches and strict "Specialists" to top off one of your express the outcome can be calamitous. You all are asking why the seismic tremor in Ghana occurred. Advise dem not to wreck with any nigerian property." 


"The last most perilous seismic tremor in Ghana happened in June 1936, around 7:30pm, kept going between 20-30 seconds, killing 17 people and more than 135 harmed. Prior to that, in 1862, each significant stone structure in the Gold Coast was bulldozed somewhere near Earthquake."

Fiona Temitope

"Review that President Muhammadu Buhari said Nigeria won't fight back neither will it take part in any road battle with Ghana, so perhaps he took the case to the divine beings and this happened to Ghana! Lol!"


"Ghana pulverized our international safe haven We decimated their property The quake in Ghana is only an admonition that they shouldn't fvck with a nation that has more Churches/Mosques than ventures." 


"People are trivializing quake in Ghana. It isn't surprising for individuals not to pay attention to things too until it hits extremely hard. The last and most dangerous Earthquake in Ghana on 22nd June, 1939. The previous evening was only a tremor(earthquake wofaase) and it implies quake can occur in those territories in the close by future."

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Odongomilestone · 06/25/2020
Nigeria is not safe , either..

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