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Check out how the United States rank in comparison with China in technological advancement

Tech_Savvy 06/29/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Difficult to evaluate. Different societies cultivate technology according to the cultural and economic needs of their situation.

Example, the Chinese (and East Asia in general) are very advanced in industries like public transportation. This is difficult to reproduce in the United States because our economy and society are driven by the private ownership of motor vehicles.

On the other hand, in the industries of home-based technology (air conditioning, garbage disposals, home security, Radon mitigation, plumbing, etc) Americans tend to be more advanced than China (and East Asia in general).

They are really behind

Here is the QS World University Rankings 2021

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Halve of the top 10 institution is in the USA.

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China didn’t even come close to UK. China will be doomed as long as America ban transfer and foreign students from china. Ask UK do the same too

Also, there is a gag on China’s internet. Someone proposed a question that which technology industry of China is at top of the world. Someone told, any companies and industries which is under US’s sanction and containment will be. The answer is that only Huawei reached the bar that US think it may be a threat to itself. For the rest, US do not give a damn.

China’s technology level is far far far behind the USA.

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Top Comments
+260-96776**** · 06/30/2020
China is ahead in everything I have seen anything made in USA only Boeng which killed Ethiopian lives
GUEST_V2qYjqbxp · 06/30/2020
ur writing from a bias perspective, making u.s to look like a god on earth. u.s is only using media power Nd propaganda . u.s is presently like a toothless Bulldog
EdisonEmaikwu · 06/30/2020
Almost all these people are novices. Is it China that was producing padlocks and roofing nails only until USA entered into trade deals with her, China, to make use of her cheap labour market and become richer faster? Don't worry Opera Minni; we know exactly how it happened. We saw how USA was packing all her industries to China since 2001 after China agreed to back her in two Afghan war to prevent religious world war. Leave all these novices to me; I can handle them because they are all people without information. Huawei is made in China with US technology. China also produce Apple electronics but with US technology. Is it your China that was producing only padlocks and roofing nails at a time Taiwan was more advanced than her? If it this China you people are still talking about, forget! You can't compare China with Japan, talk less USA. When some women gave birth to their children, they usually forget to mould their head well. Only lunatics would compare China with the Almighty America. You forgot that all the world's computers are pioneered, created, and owned by America? America wonder has no match. She doesn't need China as she could do without China; but China can never create without USA tutorage!
Mounteaagle · 06/29/2020
China is thinking too big of itself or herself as the case might be. USA should deal with this country ABEG.

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