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Evening Prayers for God Guidance and Protection

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Eternal king of glory, I thanked for the gift of life without you I am nothing, I blessed your holy name, I give you all honour and glory. Lord I want to thank you for how you protected me from everything that I do today I did not get injured or meet an untimely date, may all honour adoration, glory be added unto your holy name in Jesus name.

Father I want you to take control over my life, I am asking for your guidance and protection throughout today, my father my God please come to my aids and protect Me from all evil forces, Marine kingdom, Occultic kingdom and demonic operation, God come and protect us throughout our night guide us and make us see another new dawn. God to everybody that read these message and believed in your words

He will never lack in Jesus name

All nation will call you blessed

God protection and guidance will never depart from your family.

Where everyone fail you will be a sucess

You will never experience any heart break

You will be favoured beyond your imagination.

All these we ask through Jesus Christ our lord.


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