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See What Killed A 22 Year Old, Months After Predicting Her Own Death

ProfessionalAmebo 06/29/2020

There's a series of bad news going on everywhere within the country especially since the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus. A lady on Facebook named George Sandra, on April 4th predicted her own death albeit jokingly. According to her post, she said " If I die in this lockdown, no need for autopsy. Na yam and red oil and garri with salt kill me." She also interested a sad emoji. Few months down the train, she was pronounced dead. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Reports have it that this pretty lady was so much affected by the lockdown, she had nothing to eat and so resulted to taking Garri with salt. She couldn't afford to buy a sugar. It's not known if this lady has a parent or so but a close source to the deceased said she doesn't like bothering people about her needs. Hence, the reason she decided to post it on Facebook, adding some slices of humour, but unfortunately nobody read between the lines. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

A lot of things are happening during this lockdown, a lot of people are depressed and are just trying to fake it with a smile most time. Let's all try to check up on our loved ones, if there's a way we can assist, let's do it for the love of humanity. If you're in need of help and none is forthcoming, do try to speak out. If thousands mock you, one person will definitely be willing to help. Let's stop suffering in silence.

May the deceased rest in perfect peace.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
ObiMartinsChibuzorGoshen · 06/30/2020
why will hunger kill dis girl, i told her to come and be with me
PriscaNwabochi · 06/30/2020
you see how sad it is, when she was alive nobody cares for her, see now that she's no more, there's money for her obituary announcement May God help us all. RIP
Richard'sQueen · 06/30/2020
Mr poster no be hunger kill her oooo... She was a chef and her family are very comfortable... It wasn't hunger that killed her abeg
LewisD · 06/29/2020
This is a senseless needless death of a young lady with her whole future ahead of her.. If only.... But it's too late. RIP

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