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Check out 5 Pictures of Poor Nollywood Actors who Cried for Help but Still Died

BlessingN 06/25/2020

While actors like Ngozi Nwosu, Bruno Iwuoha, Leo Mezi, and Ernest Asuzu have received public support and are currently safe and strong, some others have not been able to raise sufficient funds to pull through. Before their demise, I put together six talented actors who sought public assistance.

1. Prince James Uche

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Prince James Uche

Prince James Uche was famous with lead roles being suddenly discharged from hospital in classic films including Igodo and Lost Kingdom because he couldn't afford to pay his medical bills in January 2017. Actors like Desmond Eliot came up to rescue him with his son and appealed to the public for funds to take care of the ailing actor because Prince James needed at least 15 million naira for his kidney transplant surgery in India.

Well, Nigerians came to his rescue and the money was raised for his treatment but the ailing actor passed on to Glory on 8 March 2017.

2. Martins Njubuigbo

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Martins Njubuigbo, popularly known as Elder Maya, died after a struggle with a liver disease that lasted long. When he kicked the bucket, he wanted only 1 million naira for bills for hospital care, and he went on to ask Nigerians for policity funds. A famous cleric has come to his rescue and supported him with a 1 million-naira donation. Nonetheless, the actor passes away in October 2016.

3. Ashley Nwosu

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Also in April 2011, after 58-year-old battling Liver complications, Ashley Nwosu passed on to glory. It is reported that Nollywood deserted him during his wvwn ailment period, when it was rumored that he had been financially indebted to a lot of colleagues. The family was always searching for support, but they fell on deaf ears with their appeals and the actor died.

4. Enebeli Elebuwa

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Segun Arinze talked to Nigerians when Enebeli Elebuwa fell ill in 2011, who were well-meaning to help collect funds to treat the ailing actor who struggled with stroke. The Delta state government came to his rescue and flew him to India for medical care but it was too late as the actor was already passing on. Stella Damasus expressed her disappointment after he died at the way his colleagues handled the matter while accusing them of using social media as a tool to publicize their help.

5.  Olumide Bakare

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After a cardiac arrest, Olumide Bakare, an actor based in Ibadan, was admitted into the UCH in Ibadan. He cried out for help from his colleagues while begging them to help him financially for his hospital bills and also to send his family a word of prayer. He passed away in April 2017, though, after a long period of illness.

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Top Comments
EmmanuelUkachukwu_01 · 06/27/2020
nwosu was never poor,i knew him to his house
+234-803043**** · 06/27/2020
Every soul shall taste death! Why blame their deaths on neglect? Why not blame the government that cannot cater for the citizenry? Is man created to be immortal? My friend, death is real and it is bound to strike but as decreed. Nobody will die before his or her time. Just submit yourself completely to your Creator.
+234-0806227**** · 06/26/2020
may there soul rest in Perfect peace.amen

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