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Educationist Advised to Merge Polytechnics with Universities. Here is their reasons.

Abdulraheem0670 06/29/2020

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Educationist advice that all the polytechnics should fold up and turn them into universities. Why? Because for the past few years more than 70% of jamb students hardly apply for polytechnics/college. Majority apply for universities and even few that will apply for polytechnics only apply simply because they have no other choice or chances of getting admission into the university.

Some statistical data will be given to prove the statement stated above. In 2019, the University of Maiduguri is said to admitted the highest number of students in the Nigerian university system. followed by University of Calabar, University of Benin, University of Ilorin, University of Lagos, University of port Harcourt and so on. These universities admitted one-sixth of all admissions in 2019. UNILORIN has been seen as a top university in which more than 108,000 students applied to study there; but unfortunately the university can only admitted about 12,000 students then. 

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However, Nigeria admits less than 33% of all students who apply to attend colleges which remain more than 67%. From the data, it is shown that Polytechnics have lost many things; for instance Yaba polytechnic in Lagos had less than 2,500 students that applied but they somehow admitted excess of about 4,000 students with only God knows how. The Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic, that is well known and well respected in the Southeast had only 860 applications. Educationist advised that it will be better if such polytechnics becomes a faculty in one of the universities sited in around them. They also opined that is better that way, instead of running offices such as Rector, Bursary, etc for the small numbers of students that applied to the polytechnic. They also opined that they believe higher institutions can improve in effectiveness and efficiency if such actions are taken, also the little educational allocation will improve the nation Universities if polytechnics are merge with the university system in Nigeria. 

In my opinion, I think this educationist are right because Nigeria students and the government it self are not seeing the polytechnics has part of the future. Proves to this statement is that degree holders get higher payment than the HND holders in every place of work in Nigeria. Secondly, the young people of Nigeria hardly apply for polytechnics due to the higher ranked of degree certificate.  

Nigerians, what is your opinion towards this? Leave your comment below and I urge you to share because problem shared is problem solved. Thank you

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