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Here Are 4 Things About Life.

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1)You don't need to EVER, EVER Explain yourself, or try to prove yourself to anybody, Ever. That doesn't tell too much about the person .So when you catch yourself doing it, stop talking.

2)Be happy with just being. Get out, but realize, you gotta just learn to be happy within yourself. There is no peace like that, no money can give you that. Just be yourself, appreciate beauty around you. Happiness is free so enjoy it all by yourself. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

3)Just putting SOME money in your savings account, and keep doing it gives you a sense of security that most people never feel. It sets you apart.This is a way of preparing for the future far ahead of you.

4) Appearance DOES matter. Looks DO matter. Good looking people get more attention, better attention, and get away with more stuff. But if you aren't that. Look in the mirror and fucking convince yourself that you Are. (It's a Mindset) PEACE.

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