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See reasons why you should stop killing wall-geckos at home

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Wall Geckos which is also known as Tokay Gecko or Tucktoo is specie of reptile. It looks like lizard but not as big as lizard. Wall geckos feed mainly on insects and small rodents.

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It is often found in the house but most people see it as posing threat to them in the house. In fact, most people complain that wall gecko scratch them when they are asleep.

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Nevertheless, I will like to take you through some of its efficacy and benefits for human health.

1. It cure diseases such as skin itch. Skin disease is not serious diseases. But if skin disease was not cure for a long time, it can become a problem performance and it would disturb, too. Of course, skin disease will make us itchy and painful on our skin.

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2. Wall geckos are often used in medicine which has anti-tumor effects I.e it has the ability to cure body tumor and helps to improve the immune system

3. Wall gecko is used as sex drive enhancer.

4. Wall Geckos have antibodies that are very useful for humans to neutralize toxins in the body. All types of allergic skin or respiratory allergies such as asthma, hives, scabies, eczema will be removed with the use of geckos.

5. The tail of wall gecko has the ability to regenerate cells, which are believed to be useful to restore power and replace damaged cells after a particularly ill or can immediately restore the vitality of man’s function after the move.

6. Wall geckos is used in treating asthma.

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7. The wall gecko is believed to cure impotence, improve male sexual function and increase stamina.

8. It helps to cure coughs and colds when mixed with other medicine.

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9. It helps to increase stamina and man vitality.

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