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Your relationship might continue to fail if you don't take note of this

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Have you ever wondered why you are still single despite the fact that you are very beautiful, easy going and nice to all? Well! There is more to keeping a relationship than being beautiful or handsome. Maybe you have not been opportune to meet a loyal partner or probably you lack few crucial qualities a good partner must possess. I have experienced and experimented so far different reasons why relationships fail. Below are some of the reasons


I know this is actually going to surprise you, you are like how can this be a reason as most people prefer a partner that doesn’t demand from them. I’m not saying being independent as a lady is bad, but trust me too much of everything spoils everything. OK your guy is broke and you are like how can I still be demanding from such guy? Well demand in this context is not limited to financials alone. Advises, Support, in fact think of all other non-financial ways of demanding from him. This will give him a sense of a man and it will in turn build trust in the relationship


Answer this with sincerity please, if we some people can manage to take sex out of relationship can they take away romance? Well! I don’t expect a yes or no answer because it is situation specific that demand relative responses. One of my female friends complained bitter about a guy. This guy cares, loves and do all he can for the lady but this guy is unromantic. She said and I quote “Imagine person wey no fit kiss for 30 seconds, the way hin dey do when it comes to romance is so annoying”. You know being romantic isn’t gender specific as a lady can be annoying on bed to

3.     PRIDE

A lot of problems that can be fix with ordinary “Im sorry”. You just need to be apologetic anytime you are at fault. Even our elders will still advise you to apologize whether you are at fault or not. That is maturity and it shows how much you value the relationship. Nothing kills a relationship faster than pride. The “He or she must apologize first” feelings has sent lots of relationship parking.


You should learn to balance between not demanding at all and demanding too much. Its normal for you to ask him or her if you need anything but when you overdo is when the problem sets in. Let me advice on how to request from your guy. The word “Sub for me”, “Baby my subscription has lapsed”, “Baby please Sub for me” are different. Which one appears most appealing the most?


How good are you when it comes to throwing insult at your partner? How often do you communicate? This is the only thing that saves relationship. Insults are normal only when both party agrees it to be a joke. Why will you ask your partner the question “Are you mad” just because you are mad at him or her. It shows a sign that you can do better than that which mean from such words to terrible beating. It’s funny though, but I’ve seen a lady dealt with his boyfriend mercilessly.

Thanks for your time.

Kindly add yours and drop your comment if you didn’t agree to any of the above.


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