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6 Reasons why you must not marry him/her

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. These days people always believe that money is the most essential thing and yet difficult to find, but trust me finding a one true love is a multiple time tedious tasks compare to.

There are many factors to be put into consideration before accepting a pattern, among which we will consider only but few.

1. Poor communication

Have you ever been with a pattern that always keep things to themselves? Such people are sometimes scaring, simple and at the same time very difficult to manage.

Poor communication has turned down many reasonable relationship to zero. Some may be having unclear view about certain issues but will perfer to judge their patterns with whatever they taught is true within them instead of sharing the issue at hand.

2. Unforgiveness

It is no longer news to have patterns who are actually enemies but pretend to be lover's only to see the downfall of each other. This often happen as a result of unsettled matter's or qurrel that may have occurred in the past or some careless words used on the other pattern.

3. He/she never loved you

Some people go into relationship not truly because of love but due some personal goals or what they think will be the out come of being with such people will yield to them.

4. Sex

This is a force that binds many people together. Many people stick to their patterns only because of their sexual desire. Permit to describe them as sex slaves.

5. Artificial life

Too many people are not real in the 21 century. People turn to make up for vitually everything just to give a clue of what they are not. Nowonder this days almost every part the human body can be mad up artificially or shaped into what it is perfer to look like.

6. Money Monk

Money they say is root of all evil according to the holy book. Mistakely fail to have money and you will have a practical knowledge of what am trying to say. People claim to love this days only because it fetch them benefits (money).

Evaluate your pattern to find out what really made them to love you in order to avoid been used and dumped.

I like to hear your feedback on this article to enable me write some more.

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