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OPINION: Florence Ajimobi Should Be Interrogated For Opening Shop A Day After Her Husband's Burial

Apolline.Adiju 06/29/2020

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It's ridiculous to see the former first lady of Oyo State open her shop a day after her husband's burial. It is suspicious and should be Interrogated.

Here are a few questions that she must answer:

- why are you not mourning your husband?

- why can't you close down your shop for a week or a month?

- are you broke that you think you must open shop immediately?

- where were you when he died?

All these must be asked. She has shown she's not remorseful or sober about this. Maybe I am wrong but she left me with no choice.

You barely lost your husband and you are already going about your business like nothing happened. Something an Igbo woman will never do. She must be sanctioned. That's the truth.

This is a man that gave you everything you want. This is a big lesson to every man never to die for a woman. They just don't worth it.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
GUEST_GRO7ZaA0w · 06/29/2020
That may be her own way of grieving putting herself to work
JamesYunusaIchado · 07/1/2020
It is not the woman that is working there but the employees who must be there to justify their pay. So, there is no issue here to discuss.
karkanda · 06/30/2020
It was the same woman who told the whole world how her husband cheated on her. What do you expect from her as a Lebanese?
+234-0803321**** · 06/30/2020
Pls "mind ur own business". That one doesn't concern anybody.

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