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List Of States That May Go On Second Lockdown Until 2021

Pastalk 06/26/2020

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Undoubtedly, the rise in cases of Covid-19 in the country on daily basis has created an overpowering fright in the country and has posed as a hindrance to the lifting of interstate ban. Prior to this, the federal government had earlier few months ago, declared lockdown on the country, which was later followed by its gradual ease, as president Buhari made this known during his broadcast on the democracy day.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has announced 594 new cases of Covid-19 in the country as at Thursday, 25th of June, rising the total confirmed cases to 22,614.

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Breakdown of the 594 new that was recorded by NCDC on June 25, 2020; Lagos (159), Delta (106), Ondo (44), FCT (34), Edo (34), Oyo (33), Kaduna (33) Enugu (28), Katsina (25), Imo (22), Adamawa (15), Ogun (12), Osun (11), Abia (8), Rivers (6), Nasarawa (5), Bauch (5), Niger (5), kebbi (4), Ekiti (3), Plateau (1), Taraba (1).

However, The Chairman of the Presidential Task Force, Boss Mustapha had recently revealed on Thursday in his daily press briefing in Abuja saying that he would return Nigeria to second lockdown if he had the powers to do so.

According to him, “This is the time to lock down if it were within my power. This is the time to lock down because I can see the attitude of people romancing with COVID-19".

“The daily increase in confirmed cases, the federal government feels a sense of frustration because we can see glaringly the danger ahead and you can see the level of recklessness on the part of people who should know better.”

Following the above statement of Boss Mustapha, there is a probability that the country may be going on a second lockdown very soon and below are states that may be on second lockdown until 2021. Even as president Buhari has extended lockdown on Kano, Lagos, and Abuja till further notice and probably, these states may be on second lockdown until 2021, seeing how covid-19 cases is increasing unabated in these states.

Looking at this, here are list of states that may go on second lockdown until 2021 due to the high increase in covid-19 cases in the state as at 24th June 2020.

Lagos - 9,482

Abuja - 1,656

Kano - 1,191

Oyo - 1,188

Rivers - 936

Edo - 851

Ogun - 733

Delta - 715

Kaduna - 668

Knowing that the second lockdown is still under deliberation, what do you think about going on a second lockdown, considering the daily increase in covid-19 cases.

As it stands now, this is complicated for us, as we don't want you citizens to be frustrated with a second lockdown and at the same time, we want to make sure that they are safe from this virus. Please, kindly give your opinion in the comment section, as your ideas counts.

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Top Comments
WilfredJacob · 06/26/2020
may God ponish whoever plan or planning to extend lockdown till 2021, they will never know peace because this government doesn't care about the Welfare of the citizens, it's obvious they are making business out of it.
GUEST_BEa1rL4YM · 06/26/2020
Nigeria should go on to another lockdown for what? would federal government provide for us? please think twice or ask God for directions because coronavirus pandemic isn't our major problems in Nigeria.
LastbornJohnson · 06/26/2020
it will be so difficult for the citizens, if they want to lockdown again no problem, just that the government doesn't care for its citizens, no palliatives no support from the government too bad, the citizens are hungry, so they need to go out and look something to eat, we say no to the lockdown.
Ojogbanemary · 06/26/2020
They shd leave us alone. people are suffering,. d number of pple dat died as a result of dis nonsense lockdown of theirs are more than d number d corona itself killed. they shd leave us alone. We don't want any lockdown again, God wl protect us.

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