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Nigerians Castigate Man Who Returned N1.8million He Found In A Carton Of Indomie He Bought

StayInformed 06/25/2020

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Mr Chidiebere Ogbonna, is a man who has stolen the headlines on social media on Thursday, after he reportedly returned 1.8 million he found in a carton of indomie noodles he bought.

Reports have it that Mr. Ogbonna returned the carton of indomie to the seller when he reached home and opened the carton, only to find out bundles of 1000 naira notes, which summed up to the tune of 1.8million naira.

Reports have it that when he was asked his reasons for returning the cash, he went on to say that it was because the said money was not his.

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The vendor however thanked him and promised the man to come and collect a carton of indomie whenever he needs till the end of the year. Nigerians on social media have reacted on the man's gesture, as the displayed their comments on social media.

The funniest part of this story are reactions on facebook to his returning the money. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Obviously, the man in the picture is just an average Nigerian, and it is typical for anyone at his level to possess such money without thinking twice, and besides who knows how the money got in there?

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Top Comments
StanlyAkpotu · 06/26/2020
hello, tell us where this thing for happen before we go believe your story
BabalolaDavidKehindeAlabi · 06/26/2020
I love your courage and action. you really deserve an award for this. in fact, these are the type of people we need in our political arena
EzejaLuke · 06/25/2020
its a sign that good pple are still in all tribes
SamSammyCrown · 06/25/2020
Hmm he said he didn't choose to return it. Deep! Good should be done without negotiating with evil

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