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“There are no leaders, no characters” - Arsenal legend slams the players for their antics.

Source-kid 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Emmanuel Petit ,has slammed Arsenal for their lack of leaders ,after they lost to Brighton at the weekend.

That loss was their second defeat, in as many games since the restart, of the Premier League season and it was a tense game.

The atmosphere had been ,heated up in the first half after it appeared that Neal Maupay had a hand in Bernd Leno, getting injured.

Some Arsenal players didn’t, like what he had done to their goalie, and they made sure he knew about it on the final whistle.

Led by Matteo Guendouzi, a few Arsenal players wanted to pick a fight with the Brighton striker who ,had also scored the game’s winning goal.

Petit said that he laughed when ,he saw the Arsenal players trying to fight Maupay when they had ,shown no fight in the game.

He claimed that if he had been in their dressing room, he would have told someone to shut up ,and do their talking on the pitch.

He told Paddy Power as quoted by the Metro: “Arsenal look like an average team with no spirit, with no anger or pride. I saw them against Brighton at the end of the game, trying to fight Neal Maupay, but that made me laugh.

“You make me laugh, guys, honestly. Shut the f*ck up and do the, right thing on the pitch.

“Against Brighton I was so pissed off about the behaviour of the players that I wished I could be in the dressing room to say to someone, “Shut the f*ck up, who the f*ck do you think you are?” No-one is doing that in the team. There are no leaders, no characters.

“They were winning one-nil away from home, knowing every point is vital for European qualification, and you let the game go like this. Then at full-time they go to Maupay to blame him for what happened to Bernd Leno, but things like that happen in every game.

“They’re trying to avoid taking ,their own responsibility. I just want to, tell them one thing: fight during the match.”

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