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This Is What Happened When I Was A Christain Without Christ.

Metroz 06/29/2020

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When I am a Christian without Christ: I go to church, and also go to bars and nightclubs each day.

When I am a Christian Without Christ: I have my Bible and also my Pornographic Magazines, each of them placed in its place. The Bible visible at the Bedside and the Pornographic journals at the bottom of the cupboard .

When I am Christian without Christ,I have in my Laptop series of Gospel Songs and another of profane or worldly musics(songs). Of course, I take care not to mix the two categories of songs that I listen to in an alternate (alternative) manner.

When I am a Christian without Christ,I have two types of clothes; the "decent type"(decent dresses), used for worships, church meetings AND the so- called "stylishly or Chic type". That is Sexy and Fashionable dresses, used for few days, with friends.

When I am a Christian without Christ,I play the most current artist on Saturday and on Sunday, I animate praises to the glory of God the Father.

When I am a Christian without Christ, One of my favourite biblical verses after "God is Love" is "Do not judge". "God is love" and "do not judge" means: let me live my life as I want.

When I am a Christian without Christ, I have no Power over Sin. To me, repentance is every night before sleeping. I say "oh God forgive my sins", but I continue to practising Theft(stealing), lies telling, masturbation, homosexuality, lesbianism, fornication, drunkenness, prostitution, cheating and so on, with the biblical verse that "no one is just, not even one...", supported by "all have sinned and come short of the glory of God"(Romans .3:23). In fact, when I am a Christian without Christ, I am not a Christian. Let us review and amend our Christianity. 

Jesus is coming soon

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N.B:Jesus is the way to our salvation. God loves you.

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