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I Was An Ogun Priest But I Just Repented, Should I Join Islam Or Christianity? [Fiction]

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The biggest obstacle I ever is leaving my father's religion and a way of life which is serving ogun, the God of iron. Fortunately enough, my father who was the priest gave the position to me on the sick bed, ever since then I have always wanted to change to either christianity or Islam but I dare not tell that to my father's face, unfortunately I lost him recently and now the ball is in my court to decide on what I want, yet I need help. 

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Ogun is the diety we serve in our family, my forefathers said it save them when they went to war in those days, they went to its shrine to ask for its blessing on an oncoming war, which the said deity gave them only one option which is to help them win the war and they will serve him for the rest of their life, they agree back then so all other children they gave birth to has always being the priest of ogun dirty, most especially the first male born of the family which happens to be me. 

On sick bed, my father pass the position down to me, he told me never to turn away from the gods our father but the "name I gave my child was inside of me". One of the main reason I wanted to change to either Islam or Christianity is that, most people in our village are now christians or muslim, every sundays and fridays, we will see them going to their respective place of worship with joy in their heart, I don't know if they use to pay any money to enter there place of worship but I had on of them say "God doesn't take money, cloths, food, cola nut, and anything before helping them", but our ogun dirty will ask for money, dog and other valuable things. So the willingness to abandon my way of life grows more every day. 

Those days when my dad was the priest, I briefly recalled that we use to spend our last card, the money we are supposed to use in feeding the family to purchase what ever ogun wanted, even though many people use to come to our shrine to ask for some revelations or do some things spiritual but, whenever collect the money from them, we use to call the money, the property of ogun so anything we do with the money not be prosper, it is the property of ogun so if you use it for personal gain, it will be bad, have you ever noticed that many herbalist and traditionalist are not rich, moat of them fees from hand to mouth, some are extremely while some are dirtier than beggers. 

Well, After the inauguration as the new priest, I began to make sacrifices to ogun but that doesn't change my perspective of him, he couldn't walk, could talk, could eat, we have always been the one feeding it with dog blood. When my dad died, I was crying and smilling at the same time, I knew none of my family members can force me to stay, I am the priest so they are under compulsory obligations to obey me. Though they told me that the spirit of ogun will be disturbing if I leave but, since the God both muslim and christian serve will not take a dime to save me, what am i still waiting for?. 

Both muslim cleric and pastor have preached to me, I found both religion interesting and sweet but the one to choose, I don't know, I'm really confused. 

To break the bound between ogun diety and I, I have decided to set ablaze the sacred house we place the diety we worship but right before I do that, I need to make my choice of religion clear, to do that I need help. 

To be sincere with you, I don't want to serve a god any more, I want to serve a god that will serve me too. Below are few things I needed clarifications on, I hope you will spare some time to drop a comment. 

1. Should I set fire on our shrine? At least to break the bound between us. 

2. If possible, can I bring my family member into any religion I choose? At least, I'm their priest and their leader, they must obey me. 

3. Should I join Christianity or Islam? I'm really confused. 

What i know very well is that, a good christian and a good muslim will not leave a poor unbeliever willing to believe alone without helping with word of advice. 

Not everyone will become an evangelist or a pastor, this is an chance to drag a soul to your side. 


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Top Comments
OlumuyiwaAgeloye_01 · 06/26/2020
your only hope of salvation is in Jesus, he said I'm the truth and the light nobody comet to the father but by me, go and read the Bible the is the only book reference book to any other books in the world.
OlumuyiwaAgeloye_01 · 07/18/2020
Jesus is the only way to salvation,he said I'm the truth and the light nobody comet to the father but by me, then prophet said I'm not something original I only follow what is revealed to me ,i don't know what will happen to me nighter do I know what will happen to the Muslim, these is the honest clearificaton from the prophet himself thank you
BelloSalamDayo · 07/12/2020
Islam is the only religion that is acceptable from almighty God
IdowuIshadimu · 06/28/2020
the difference is one is serving the seeing God but the other one is serving unseeing truth almighty God

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