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Covid-19: Adherence to Government Directives, a means to ensure Safety.

AminullahiMuritala 06/26/2020

In a bid to prevent the Public Outbreak of Corona Virus, the Federal Government of Nigeria Introduced the total Lockdown of the Country.

Land Borders were closed, Inter-State travels within Country were banned, Airports were closed, Curfew was Imposed and Movement of the Citizenry was restricted. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

All these acts, while appearing to be Crass and Overkill to an Average Nigerian, are as a matter of fact, Necessary.

Let's face the reality, the Health care system currently in place in the Nation is not equip enough to cater for the Nigerians, in a likely event of an Outbreak.

The System is not only underfunded, it's grossly underequipped and as well, Understaffed.

In a Country where conventional ailments like Malaria, typhoid Fever still kill people; the effect of a Viral disease outbreak like Corona Virus would be devastating and apocalyptic.

Hence, the best course of action was the LOCKDOWN.

In the past few weeks, Federal Government has lifted the Lockdown in order for the People to go about in the pursuit of their Livelihood. Some States has followed same.

The Economy is gradually recovering, people are retuning back to their normal lives. Places of Business has started opening up. In some States, Worshippers are being allowed to Observe their Worship in Mosques and Churches.

While all these are happening, we shouldn't let it slip through our mind that Covid-19 is REAL. Strict Adherence should be should be placed on Following the Government rules and Guidelines regarding Lockdown lifting.

Physical Distancing should be observe at all time in Public spaces. Good Hygiene should be Practice. Don't go out unless it's necessary; and if eventually you go out, don't forget to use your face mask.

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