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Is Nigeria a Land Without Laws?

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The present Nigerian state we have today, is a land where the rule of law is not obeyed. The country has volumes or alot of laws, it's court system is well sophisticated, it's lawyers and servants in the temple of justice, are often praised as “The Law” itself.

According to some Nigerians,they see the country as having a record of lawbreakers. At some levels, the government show no respect for the law, on often basis, they break the laws, and are equally good at disobeying the increasingly court orders, often issued against it.

The truth be told, or it is time we become factual to ourselves, the Federal Government is still part of this, thereby encouraging some levels of government in the country, to acts with impunity.

It has turned into a country, that functions on two parallel lines; one rule for the rulers, and another for the ruled, impunity has been placed on steroids.

The law enforcement agencies in the country, have ceased pretending to be interested in the criminal actions, and activities of functionaries of government.

The speaker of Lagos state House of Assembly, Mudashiru Obasa, as we speak is still functioning as Speaker, neither the EFCC, ICPC, or any law enforcement agencies are asking him questions. Remember he is not the only one.

However, laws continue to exist in our land, but it has been perverted, and Nigerians have become perverse by the resultant effect. Nigerians have therefore, been rendered a people untouched by sanity, becoming sane in the country, is to be vulnerable.

Recall the drama in the Nigerian Bar Association, that is more important than most lawyers are realizing, and the time has come to pay attention, before the impunity that has for long hobbled Nigeria, contrive to kill the Nigerian Bar Association. 

A plot is already on the way, to keep Ademola Adesina Ogunlana, from the upcoming NBA election. The factional crises leading up to the emergence of the outgoing Chairman of the Ikeja Bar, Dele Oloke, is the fertile soil in which the conspiracy is rooted, and the inglorious role of Femi Falana, in the Ikeja show of shame is not unknown.

Before the advent of democracy in the country, the Nigerian Government has always had great respect for the rule of law. Even from the day of this present democracy, to the last region before this present one, the government still respected the rule of law.

This is a wake up call, to the present government of the day, to please begin to pay respect or regard, to the rule of existing laws in the country.

Source: opera.com
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