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Eyes of Darkness - The Legendary Truth

VoltageDreams 06/24/2020

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Eyes of Darkness

A nebulous epiphany

DK is legendary (I am Legend)

Never have I seen us so rhapsodic

Respectfully keeping our distance

Such beguile!!! Crepuscular, yet glittering

Pull thee now the chrysalis and see what a vampire we are

The dulcet taste of it savoured by ebullient 'on-looking' observers

Sheepishly I smiled

The world is coming to an end, isn't it

This scourge that was a petty hoax

Yet grows incorporeal across the globe

Terror unleashed swiftly in glass houses

Idyllic among some lesser folks

I was thinking the spherical is a fortress

Now I hear of currencies being discarded on the streets 

Are there nothing else to live for? Oh! Papal

The patent days of Adam beckons

Flabbergasted though to see science in sombre mood

There were indeed carriers amongst us long before discovery

For how else should one explain the overwhelmed outcome


Discouraged, everyone seems, yet a lilt from some quarters

Please don't tell the world about this 'sarcastic' poem - is it?

For I fear being ambushed on my way to paradise

Yet, tell them that X was discreetly transported

And they would return with loathed view about the disaster

But in retrospect 'these walls' deserves to learn the truth

Did I not tell you they will do something in that direction

Fingers will be pointed at a care-free shadow

Who in ineffable terms is devoid of common knowledge

Even the knowledge of a family's last supper

Precisely two months ago, and another one, the other day

Two months from now some Warlords will be enriched

Crystal clear to fly, dominate and foster more lands

They would possess the abandoned after the cynical imbalance

I, in fact, have written this piece in the wilderness

As I presumably avoid the armageddon

Man-Made armageddon

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