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This lady's picture has got people asking whether she has six pack - It's no longer about backsides

IgochesBlog 06/25/2020

There's nothing the media will never see, just few hours ago this picture show faced online and people have started reacting already.

Men are known for body building and six packs but the picture in question is calling for concern and response. Ladies are known for curvy shapes and succulent skin, which makes them totally different from their male counterparts.

For a while now ladies have displayed their curves and other endowments which undoubtedly have generated lots of comments, as some people will wonder whether they are natural or artificial. And here we have someone coming from another category that is; something in the resemblance of 'six packs'.

'could that be six packs?' some will ask. But I will leave it to you to judge and tell us what you feel is right about the picture and wrong as well.

Without doubts she is beautiful and looks attractive but there's something that is standing as a barrier I guess.

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Keeping it simple, let's just take a look at the screenshot of the immediate response View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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