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Video: Here Is How You Can Start A Fire Using A Lemon!

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In the video below you will learn how to start a fire using a lemon and a few small implements. There are only a few things needed to start a fire using this method, therefore you are able to pack them when you go camping or hiking.

All it takes is a couple of zinc and copper nails, a lemon, some wire, some steel wool, and a little kindling material (this video used toilet paper). First, you create a row of copper nails, and then another row of zinc nails about half an inch away from the copper row.

Next, you simply connect wires between the nails to start a chemical reaction. Using a wire on the end nails to create a positive and a negative end, you’ve just created a five-volt battery! All that’s left is to touch the positive and negative wires to steel wool to complete the circuit and heat up the wool. Once it sparks, throw on your kindling and you’ll have a toasty fire in no time.

Check out the video below and learn just how simple and impressive this method is.

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