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Eyehemes 06/24/2020

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Football wasn’t truly back until. 🥋

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. FT: Liverpool 4-0 Crystal Palace.

So close. ⌛

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▪️ His best-ever scoring season.

▪️ He can even score free-kicks.

▪️ He’s La Liga’s highest-scoring defender ever.

Sergio Ramos is not a normal central defender.

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When you realise Sergio Ramos scores free-kicks now. 😱

Boring James Milner

I just asked Dejan Lovren if he feels guilty about the defeat. He said What do you mean? I said Well we probably wouldn’t have lost if Joe Gomez was playing instead. He said NOT NOW JAMES.

I just asked Jürgen Klopp if he was upset that we’re not going to be Invincibles anymore. He said What do you think? I said I think you are.

Adrián said he blames himself for the goal. I said Well it was your fault, the shot went straight at you… and you don’t see Alisson making those sorts of errors do you? He said Errr, no.

I just said to Mo Salah that we're three wins off the Premier League title. He said I know James. I said because we were four wins away from the title before today. But because we won, we only need to win three now. He said I know James.

I just asked Kieran Trippier if he's learnt any Spanish since his move to Atlético Madrid. He said: "Estás fuera de la liga de campeones" I said What does that mean? He said You're out of the Champions League.

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