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5G vs 4G: Do we really need 5G network now?

Abkolad 1d

Ah okay, I never did much research into it but I just looked into it a little bit. 

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Yes, it's going to be big if it works. It's a much more complicated technology than 4G, and it's not just a boost in power or efficiency. It's adding a bunch of new technologies and techniques for connecting your phone to *things* .   

Will you care if your phone get 5 or 10 times faster download speeds? Probably not. The real technologies that will be able to use these, like self-driving cars are still far away.  

5G doesn't just add the speed and bandwidth to support many more devices. It also decreases latency and has new engineering techniques to overcome the problems associated with higher-frequency bands, such as decreased penetration into walls. 

Yes, it is a big step-up from what we have, but it's something that we don't 'need' right now. We may see it as a necessity in the future, maybe in the next 10-20 years.  

Yes, 5G will probably be needed for mass amounts of self-driving cars. Yes, 5G will probably be needed if we want to get rid of wired home internet and just have everything wireless, such as your home connecting to a tower wirelessly.  

Also the infrastructure will be very expensive since you need a lot higher density nodes for 5G.

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