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Sleeping Time: Say these Powerful Prayers Before Sleeping Tonight

McTwinkleToes 06/29/2020

Sleeping Time: Say these Powerful Prayers Before Sleeping Tonight, see prayers below:

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1. Thank you Lord for a perfect day well ended with good health and peace, Lord am thankful.

2. Lord as I lay down to sleep, God let your blood cover me, the four corner's of my building I sprinkle your blood, No evil shall come near me in Jesus Name, Amen.

3. Oh Lord, every plans of the evil plotted against me and my sleep tonight, I send your Holy Ghost Fire to scatter their temple and evil plans.

4. Lord I shall not Die, My family shall not die, my relations shall not die, my Friends and everyone connected to me shall not die, in Jesus Name, Amen.

5. I shall sleep soundly and wake up also in good health to see the brightness of another day.

Lord from today I make my self a consuming fire to the evil ones, they shall see me and fall to their feets, Lord which so ever hand holding my favour or trying to block my favour from reaching me, I release the heavenly thunder to break that hands and my favour shall reach me, In Jesus Name, Amen.

Thank You Lord for answered prayers and I know tonight is made perfect, In Jesus Name, Amen...

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