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5 Interesting Facts About The Late Ogun Majek You Might Want To Read Up.

Diceemedia 06/25/2020

The Nollywood Industry has just been thrown into a state of mourning at the death of one of their own, Ogun Majek. Ogun Majek was a popular Nigerian actor, script writer and an entertainer. He is widely known for his 2006 movie, 'Iyawo Aremo'. He died on Thursday 25th, 2020. The information of his death was further confirmed by Bolaji Amusan, The president of Theater arts and movie practitioners Association of Nigeria.

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Earlier this year the actor was seriously sick and bedridden. He was incapacitated that he spent all his money trying to ascertain the cause of his sickness, yet to no avail. He then pleaded for support from well meaning Nigerians. He was a great and creative entertainer.

Here are some interesting facts about him you might want to read up.

1. Ogun Majek Real name is Gholagade Akinpelu.

2. He was very popular for acting yoruba movies. Some of which are, Iyawo Aremo(2006), Aye Ajeku(2006), Ikilo Agba(2008).

3. His death was first reported in May, 2020 but some of his friends came out to say that it was rumour. Confirming that he was critically ill but still alive. They further asked for financial aid from Nigerians to help treat him.

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4. He died on 25th June, 2020 after a long battle with an unidentified ailment. Reports has it that strange illness which he was trying to ascertain the cause left him impoverished.

5. The actor is survived by his wife and children. One of his children name is Akinpelu Akeem. Abidemi.

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