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Tips On How To Enjoy Life After Marriage

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Always surprise your wife gifts, always tell her how much you love her not because I want to get on with you to night.

Step 2

Always let her know when you're going on a business trip

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Help set her at the dinner table after she has seat give her a kiss on her cheek and whisper “I love you” when the kids see these things happen, their respect for mum will zoom

Step 4

Open the doors for her and let her enter first (ladies first)

Step 5

When walking with her, walk on the most hazardous side always protect her from harmful things

Step 6

Endeavor to express your anger towards a bad situation in a way that is that your wife should understand never hit a woman handle it in way that it will not destroy your relationship, but anger itself is not good if not properly handled.

Step 7

For women, emotional loving comes before physical loving. A wife likes affection even when it has nothing to do with s×x

Step 8

Finally, Marriage is the best place to offload bad habits or offensive behavior. Ask your wife to tell you if there is anything you are not doing right that she will want you to correct.

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