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Farmers run as heavily armed herdsmen storm farmlands and destroys crops in Ondo State

Osiomwonworldinform 06/24/2020

A group of heavily armed herdsmen have been reported to have launched an attack on some farmers in Alagboka extension area of Ondo State after destroying their crops . View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

This was made known by the Commander of the Ondo State Security Network Agency, also known as Amotekun Corps, Adetunji Adeleye, while addressing members of the press on the latest attack by the herdsmen.

He lamented that more than eight different farmlands with crops such as cassava, and maize worth hundreds of thousands, were destroyed by the herdsmen.

Mr Adeleye revealed that when the herdsmen saw the owners coming to their farmlands, they made attempts to eliminate them. However, the farmers were quick enough to run for their lives. The only thing the farmers could do, was to reach out to the security group to come to their rescue.

The security agency, Amotekun Corps in collaboration with the Afro-Rangers of NSCDC visited the farmlands and found the herdsmen on the farmlands, with many crops destroyed. The herdsmen however, attacked the security agencies. But they were overpowered, and they ran away.

The Commander stated that over 42 cows belonging to the herdsmen  were seized. He lamented the high level of the destruction on the farmland. He vowed that the herdsmen would not go unpunished for the atrocities they carried out on the farmland and for attempting to kill the farmers.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
+234-0905395**** · 06/25/2020
Please Yorubas, find a way to say that it was IPOB that attacked you and not FULANI herdsmen after all when the daughter Fosaranti was killed ur leader started defending the FULANI herdsmen that killed her by mentioning Evans as a kidnapper that is in prison Fulani will take ondo the same way they took kwara NDI UCHU
SundayNwankwo_08 · 06/25/2020
A tribe that is not up to 1/4 of Nigeria are holding all most everybody captive, why can't all region come up with this security so that this wicked blood sucking tribe will push out, enter market you will see that Nigeria is entering food scarcity because of fulanies and caw, for how long are we going to endure all this?
LawalWahabOlatunji · 06/26/2020
Udi uchu, l always say it that lgbo people doesn't have sense of belonging when it comes to national issue. Fulani herdsmen had been terriorísm some states in Nigeria in the last few years. But in comment you mention EVANS. When ever some issues are been posted on opera meaning, lgbo people will just bring in lgbo man in that issue I hate lgbo people for tribalism, arrogancy, lies, rubbery, oversabi. Because lgbo people know they are criminals. simple.
IfeanyiBerekwu · 06/26/2020
Am asking government herdsmen why are they allowed with AK-47. Are they soldiers or police. Now, government are talking about agriculture how will farmers go to farm while herdsmen are there destroying the crops with cows. I blame the governors because they gave them the chance

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