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The only fallen angel that was dead is Lucifer

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Angel Lucifer,whom was cast down to earth became the first fallen angel to die.

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It's very surprising to hear that an angel from the died has died,you will be wondering where has the Bible recorded it?alot of questions will be burning through your mind now, because nothing from any history books has told us about an angel that has died,not even the holy Bible.

Thinking about what Bible says about Angels,whom are messengers for God.they deliver messages to us from God and the are sent by God to intervene for us whenever we have problems.

Again you will wonder if the angels take all the works,what then is left for Christ who came to redeem us?let me put it straight to you that Jesus Christ himself is God,He made a statement that He and the Father is one.

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Talking about Angels,the first angel that was made known to us was Lucifer who was loved by many heavenly beings because of beauty,but pride took the beauty from him and he found darkness in his heart and was cast down to earth,and the day he was cast down was the day that he face death.

The Bible tells us that when we are in sin,we are much like death people,that's why God sent His son Jesus Christ to died and wash away our sins.

As Lucifer was casted down to earth,his light seized and darkness was all over him.but he couldn't help his self out, because he chosed it.and the second death penalty awaiting him is to come on the final day of judgement.

Being cast out of heaven shows that the light in him that made him shine like an angel has died down,that's why he was thrown down to earth.presently he is no more an angel,his works and duty as an angel has ended and he died out from being an angel.

That's the reason why I said you should meet the angel that has died.i guess have been able to explain it to your understanding.

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Top Comments
BDLove · 06/28/2020
if no light in him how come he transforms into the angel of light according to Paul? The guy still have powers and would be forever bound soon.
SundayDennisOguche · 06/29/2020
Jesus Christ Himself is God.
ChikaCosmas · 07/5/2020
You have not made any point. You don't even know what you are taking concerning Lucifer or who he is, or what Lucifer stands for.
InnocentDumbili · 07/18/2020
Great explanation

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