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The Bank Experience

Utyguy2016 2d

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. I went to the bank today to get my Bank Verification Number(BVN) which I misplaced few weeks ago. I decided to undergo the stress because I lost the SIM CARD that's linked to the account.

I was patiently waiting on the queue when I felt a touch. I directed my attention to where it came from and behold I saw this young man; his face defined and explained the word ANGER. We exchanged pleasantries and he started, "Bro abeg, I wan open account but this woman dey tell me say she no go answer me except I give am my NEPA BILL and I don tell am say, I dey stay for BARRACKS, NEPA BILL no dey for BARRACKS, Na why I no dey like do business with ladies, make I meet this other man".

I listen carefully to his ordeal and later made him feel as if he's right; I did that to calm his nerves so he could listen and accept the truth I was about telling him. When I realised that he was calm, I said this to him, "Bro, abeg no vex, this people wey dey work for here, dem dey follow de bank policies. Na bank tell dem say make dem dey collect NEPA BILL for opening of account and if dem do otherwise, dem fit lose dia job, dem fit sack them. Dat woman no hate you but Na dey right thing wey she dey do, this man go still do the same thing, abeg find person collect NEPA BILL". He responded, "Bros, u be better person. Thank you bro, make I call my sister". He left the queue and went out. 

MORAL LESSON: When you have the opportunity to educate and advise, please don't fail to do so as many individuals are ignorant of several ethical issues. Change the person you see, so he/she can change another person that will change another person and we will have a BETTER SOCIETY...

Let the change begin with YOU and I... View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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