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Stop demonizing Olamide Alli, she was not a wayward woman – Close Friend

Lekkyez 06/26/2020

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A close friend of the late Olamide Alli, the mother of two brutally murdered by her fiancé, Chris Ndukwe, a few days ago, is not happy that there are insinuations that the deceased was cheating on her man.

The friend, Cynthia Olawale, who claimed she has been friends with the late Pearl Academy founder for over 10 years, said she decided to set the records straight after many bloggers and journalists, took to the cyber space to spew falsehood on a woman they hardly knew.

Cynthia is of the belief that if those writing the things about her friend knew how committed she was to the relationship with Chris, also known as Femi, and the love she had for him, they would not write what they have been writing.

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“In the past few days, many bloggers and wanna-be journalists have been writing and reporting falsehood about my late friend and I just wonder where they got their information from,” Cynthia began in her post.

“Before now, I did not want to join the bandwagon as I am still mourning my late friend who was cut down in her prime by a man she loved with all her heart.

90 percent of the things these guys have been writing about Olamide are all false and the most ridiculous, to me, have been the insinuation that she was cheating on Femi and that he was not the father of her children.

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After reading such falsehood, the questions that keep cropping on in mind have been these: What could be farther from the truth? How could you write things about a woman you knew nothing about? 

Where did they get the information that Olamide was cheating on Femi? How did they know that her children did not belong to him? Did they conduct a DNA test on the children to come up with the idea?

I have known Olamide for over 10 years and I can vouch for her. She was not a wayward woman, neither was she one to jump from man to man.

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She really loved that psycho called Femi, and all she wanted was for them to get married and raise their kids.

She was very passionate about them and would bend backwards to make him happy, even when she knew he was cheating on her with many women.

We used to tell to her to let him go, especially after she abandoned her when they had their first child, but Olamide, being who she was, would not listen to anyone, even her family members.

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I knew that Femi was hostile and aggressive, despite the gentlemanly front he always put up, and I usually pointed this out to Olamide, but she would tell me that he would come over it, that it was just a phase he was going through.

When they had their first child and he abandoned her and left for Port Harcourt where he lived with another woman, I warned Olamide and told her to let him go, but she did not want to be a single parent, raising her child alone.

After some years, Femi came back and begged her for forgiveness. He was so sweet and cried all through. Olamide informed me about the development and I warned her to be very careful and not to just throw herself at him.

I remember that he had done that on more than three occasions and I warned her to be careful but she was past caring.

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To her, her prayers had been answered and her man was back and was willing to make amends. He promised her heaven and earth and vowed to change his ways.

She was just happy that her child will grow up with the father and they would live happily ever after.

Then she got pregnant the second time and suddenly, they were planning on getting married. I was still not convinced but I could not interfere because Olamide always had a mind of her own.

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Once she set her mind on anything, she always saw it through and it would have been a kind of sour grapes for me to keep telling her to let go. I mean, it was her life, and I had to be happy for her.

Even her family tried to dissuade her and see reasons why she should let go of the relationship but as the determined woman that she was, she told them she could handle her issues.

But see where such determination has led her. Look at the gruesome way that psychotic brute murdered her. See how he took the life of a woman he claimed to love in the most horrific manner.

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And now, these bloggers who are only interested in the traffic they get would go about writing things they do not know about.

I stand to say that Olamide was not a wayward woman, neither was she cheating on Femi. And even if she did, was that a justification for him to kill her in the manner he did?

I am just setting the records straight here and I will say it again and again that Olamide was not unfaithful to Femi. I rest my case.”

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
OkoneyoGodwin · 06/27/2020
I wonder o, they should allow this woman to rest in peace l, weep for her, such a nice soul
OluwakayodeAtobatele · 06/28/2020
her self made mistake by going out with biafran, popular believe is that biafra are cannibal so why going out with them
AdebukolaOlaoye · 06/28/2020
Asasi ni" it is charm, juju on the path of the man, Satan has already see the traces of anger and uncontrollable annoyance in the man and used it against the man. when they are arguing over some issue I think so
GO_OKO · 06/28/2020
may her soul rest in peace

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