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"Raise Their Faith, Not Their Voice" - Popular Nigerian Author, Reno Omokri Tells Pastors

Barthiwu13 06/24/2020

Nigerian Pastors have a popular pattern of making their members more active in Church programs, which includes them screaming at the top of their voices when they didn't respond well in the first attempt, or initial a music session where everyone dances and sings to the top of their voices. But today, a Nigerian socialite and author believes that won't get the prayers answered.

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Reno Omokri backed up his claims with a bible passage of the woman who was having a blood flow for over 12 years but who gave herself some assurance of healing when she saw Jesus Christ passing.

He went further to give an example to justify his talks about shouting in church. He said the only reason Jesus shouted at Lazarus by his tomb was because he was dead and he wanted to awaken his spirit. He also said "God doesn't love noise, he loves Poise"

A final point with which he ended his post was that the only people who shouted during their prayers were the Prophet of Baal when they went up against Elijah. And if you can remember, their god never answered them.

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These points are very valid points that can make for a better argument, and might also make him right. So what do you think? Do you think the screams and shouts matter or do you think God listens to the heart like he did the Tax collector when he was praying at the back of the synagogue while the Pharisee was screaming in front?

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