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What you need to do for N-Power registration to be successful

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You're definitely aware that application process for fresh intake into the N-Power scheme will commence today. At 11:45pm, those who are interested in joining the scheme will be able to apply through the portal dedicated by the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and have hope of been selected as volunteer. In this round of application, 400,000 volunteers will be selected, according to the ministry's Deputy Director, Information Rhoda Iliya.

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But like every other applications, there are things that must be watch and attend to carefully to make application for the scheme successful. First, every would-be applicant should make sure that they get the age requirement right.

According to information available on the website of the ministry, applicants age must fall between 18-35 years. That is, you must be born between 1985–2002 to qualify for the scheme, and anything outside that age frame will not be considered for the N-Power scheme.

Equally important that every applicant must ensure they get right, is their BVN data. When you are applying for the N-Power opening, you need to fill your BVN data and it must be correct. Even more important that every applicant must watch, is how their names were written on their BVN information and make sure it is the right format they used in filling their N-Power application.

That is, fill your surname, first name and middle name in identical terms to your BVN information. Any mistake in adhering to this simple process may prove costly and make your application for the scheme unsuccessful.

Before applying for programmes available on the scheme, you should consider your academic qualification and be sure that you're qualified. Though, the N-Power scheme is opened for all sorts of qualifications, even SSCE, but there are programmes on the scheme that will accept only graduates or training in a related field.

For instance, N-Teach and N-Health sub-programmes are open to only graduates, but there will also be preference for those who possess OND in health related field. So, any applicant outside this specification may not scale through the selection process.

If you have your BVN details right and applied on the programme that matched your education standing, you need to make sure that your contact information are correct. You should enter a working phone number that can be reach always and your email address should be valid so as to get information whenever it is sent to you.

Another thing you should get right, is passport picture. Your passport picture should be recent and not exceed 1MB. When filling out the N-Power application, make sure you have a government issued means of identification scanned and upload it at the appropriate section of the application form. This can be National ID Card, International Passport, Valid Driving Licence or Voters Card.

When you finish every section of the form, take your time to review it and ensure that you have every details right as a single mistake can prove costly. Wishes everyone good luck in their application. 

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