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Do Chinese people consider Korea as part of China?

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Some people might think this is a ‘stupid question’ asked about China by a ‘typical brainwashed Westerner’ but there is some truth in this, as I have found Chinese Quorans who genuinely believe that Korea was a part of China or even that Koreans were descended from Chinese. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The Korean Peninsula was never a part of China. Korea was a tributary state which meant that it was allowed to operate independently as long as it acknowledged the Chinese Emperor. How is this answer so upvoted when it contains a blatantly untrue assertion like this? Tributary states are independent. Would you consider Myanmar (Burma) a part of China? No? But it was tributary state too. So was a lot of surrounding countries at the time. Tell Southeast Asians and Koreans that they used to be part of China and see how they respond.

And then you have comments like this:

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-Koreans are not descended from Chinese. They are their own separate ethnic group. Imagine telling the other 50+ ethnicities in China that they are all descended from Han.

-Korean has been independent for its existence not because ‘China chose to recognize it as one’. Historically Korea has never been part of China. The closest it came to being a part of China was during the Yuan dynasty when Korea was subjugated by the Mongols and made a vassal state. The Sui and Tang dynasties tried to invade Goguryeo and Silla precisely because it was not a part of China and they wanted the territory. Qing later did the same thing to Joseon and Joseon became a tributary state to avoid being annexed. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

-Japanese are not descendants of Chinese. This should be pretty obvious. It’s like saying all Europeans descended from Romans and Greeks. It’s non factual and you can verify it easily online.

This question had to be asked to Chinese because there are still Chinese like this who have factually incorrect beliefs like the example above. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Source: opera.com
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