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See reactions as Dubai Police finally reveals the total amount Hushpuppi scammed 2 million people of

Marvellousayanfe 06/25/2020

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In a recent video released by the Dubai Police, they revealed that prior to Hushpuppi's arrest, they have been monitoring him on his Instagram account due to the way he always flaunt his lavish and extravagant lifestyle. They also revealed Hushpuppi scammed 1.9 million people of 1.6 billion dirhams.

If you convert 1Billion,600 million Dirham to Naira it will give you 168,823,414,720 Naira.

Dubai Police also revealed 15 billion naira worth of assets were retrieved on the scene. This includes exotic cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, G-wagon and lots more.

15 flash drives, 47 mobile phones and 21 laptops were also retrieved.

Hushpuppi got this much by scamming almost 2million people and all he does is post on the internet and Laugh at Nigerian Youth that are Hustling Legally. It’s one thing to be a thief. It’s another thing to be stupid. It’s a disaster to be a stupid thief.

See reactions of some people below:

🗨️Hushpuppi defrauded 1.9million People, but he still has the right to call someone for wearing fake wristwatch. He is living the lifestyle he didn’t work for.

🗨️You can’t be making illegal moves and still want to be showing off on social media, it will raise eyebrows. That’s what finished Hushpuppi.

I wonder if he read about what happened to Pablo Escobar when he attempted becoming a public figure.

🗨️Hushpuppi's lavish lifestyle has finally come to an end. Those who are admiring people like Hushpuppi, that nobody knows their source of income can see how it ends with him. 

Just hustle for your legitimate future and forget about people's lives.

🗨️“Pray for Hushpuppi” BLOCKED

“Nobody holy pass” BLOCKED

“Use this same energy on our politicians” BLOCKED

“They’re avenging our forefathers” BLOCKED

Any unreasonable Okoto trying to defend that thief that defrauded over 2million people=BLOCKED

You can go be foolish elsewhere.

🗨️How Hushpuppi could comfortably show off his flamboyant lifestyle knowing he ripped peoples off their hard earned money really baffles me. Close to 2m ppl! I thought this only happens in movies. Everyday for the theif, one day for the owner 🚶

🗨️Out of the 1.9million people defrauded by hushpuppi. Some would have lost their lives. Some had to restart from the scratch. Some are in lifetime emotional trauma. Some in Coma, While man just come to Instagram flaunting illegal wealth with aspire to perspire quotes.

In your opinion, do you think Hushpuppi still deserves our sympathy?

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