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Students may not pass their WAEC this year for these reasons; See the 2 ways you can beat the spell

Truemedia.com 06/25/2020

 In the course of this article, I will present to all the terminal students preparing for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination the two reasons why the WAEC result of this year may not be favorable and the 3 things they can do to escape it. Let me start with the reasons why the students may not perform as expected in their exams. 

The students who are preparing for the West African Senior School Certificate are oblivious of some certain things which could make them fail the exams woefully, especially because of the Pandemic. The results of this year exam may not be too favorable because of the following reasons;

Students are unaware of the strict enforcement of extreme Physical Distancing in their exam halls: So many students who have not written exams with wide spaces between them and their mate prior to the COVID-19 outbreak will majorly be affected by this. Many students believe that the exam will be like the regular WAEC exams where there will just be a little space between them and their mate. Never! Because of Covid-19, there will be strict enforcement of physical distancing where there will be more than 6 feet distance between you and your friend. Thus, there won’t be assistance from anybody that day. It will be you and you. Many students who are dependent would have no choice than to write rubbish and get rubbish score. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Long time no reading: Many students have been occupied lately with something else aside from reading. Most of them would have forgotten what they were taught and mind you, the examination questions of WAEC would not only be from their current class but previous sessions like 2 years ago. It is quite difficult to start reading their books of over 2 years ago because of the exam. Many people would not prepare well for the exam and so the result can never be impressive.

The two ways to beat this are:

All students should start revising their books now as there are signs that the Exam is imminent, so, they would not be rushed when the time comes.

The second is to remove the mentality of having a colleague beside you that can remind you what you forgot or even teach you what you don’t know.

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