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Opera News Launch Video Uploading Function in their App

Hubspotngr 06/26/2020

Opera News Launch Video Uploading Function In Their App

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Opera has grown to become one of the top browsing apps in the world especially when you consider the African continent. When this browsing app released Opera News Hub, many people wondered just how much news this browser could offer. Bloggers saw the opportunity to reach out to more people and took the chance immediately.

In less than a year, Opera News Hub could boast of more than 30,000 content creators from the African region alone who had registered on the platform. The users of this platform were more than a quarter of a million and were still on the rise, not looking to back down anytime soon. The news on the platform was never-ending and users were always held captive by the exciting news covered by the Opera News Hub.

The availability of local news also made the app desirable as you can just stay updated on what’s happening around you instead of searching through international news for a glimpse of news from your surroundings. The fact that this news platform was also easy to connect to and used as little data as possible made it even more enticing and increased its user base.

This News app is available in close to 50 countries and is not backing down anytime in the foreseeable future. It continues to extend its reach beyond borders of its headquarters which is located in Norway. The best part of this News App is that it is compatible with various platforms; mobile or computer.

The Video Upload Update on Opera News

Reading news on the Opera News app became even more interesting with the new update. That’s right, not only can you read the news on Opera News App now; you can also watch it happen. This was a welcome update and many users of the platform couldn’t wait to test it out. It became common to see news articles on Opera News App accompanied by a video.

However many users do not know how to access this feature. Many have complained that they can usually view videos uploaded on the platform but can’t seem to upload their videos. The video upload is easy and quite seamless. There is no special account required to do this. Ask me how? Follow closely and you’ll find out.

How Do I Upload Videos on the Opera News App?

This is pretty easy and straightforward and I will be explaining in detail how every user can go about it. You shouldn’t let anything prevent you from uploading the videos you want on the platform and that is why we’re making it easy for you with this detailed guide.

First of all, you must own a Youtube channel, this is the platform from which videos can be uploaded on the Opera News App. That’s right! This is the easiest way to go about it. So if you still want to go ahead and upload and you don’t have a Youtube channel, then you should open one now. Remember that you also need an account with Opera News so if you don’t have one either, then you should also get to that.

Visit your YouTube Channel and choose the video you would like to upload on the platform. Once the video loads, you can click on share. Several apps will appear where you can share the video to and amongst these apps will be the Opera News App. Simply click on that and it will redirect you to the platform where you would be required to log in with you wemename. Like I stated earlier, you cannot upload on the platform if you do not have an account.

That’s all that is required of you, the video will be shared on the platform after review. It is just as easy as that. You can also upload a video on the news app from your Instagram. Simply go to the video you want to upload on the Opera News App and click on share. It will take you through the same process once again. It is much easier to just upload a video that’s already online.


Remember that just as this news platforms harm firm conditions that it follows fully when it comes to uploading articles on the news app, the same applies to videos. Just as articles must not be plagiarized works of someone else, the videos you are uploading must also be yours.

These videos are also shared into different classes and you must make it clear which category your video falls into. The videos being uploaded on the platform are completely checked out to ensure it doesn’t subvert any of the rules of the platform. If it does this, then the video will not be accepted by the platform until you present an acceptable one.

Source: opera.com
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