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ASUU Better Allow FG To Re-open School Before The Student Zeal In Me Turns Zero - Students Warns

Mubbywayne 06/29/2020

ASUU Better Allow FG To Re-open School Before The Student In Me Turns Zero - Students Warns.

The Federal Government Had released statement which Gives liberty to only Primary 6, JS 3 and SS 3 students to resume due to their upcoming exams while the remaining students are to stay home, simply because ASUU doesn't not agree with the Re-opening of school, claims it is suicidal at the moment.

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This could not be far fetched as it is due to the pandemic which we are currently experiencing in Nigeria and we have recorded tens of thousands of Confirmed cases, and ASUU was just being watchful of the students safety, as Health should be our Number one priority.

This didn't sit down well with some students, as a Guy claimed that ASUU Should better allow the Federal Government to Re- open schools before the student in him turns to Zero percent, as he had been away from books and his studies for way too long.

Students claimed that if Lockdown in Markets and religious places had been lifted, what then is stopping the resumption of student especially those in tertiary level, as there is no E- Learning to study in times like this.

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People also made reference to how the late resumption would affect each of their schools academic calendar and people getting much more older than they should while in school, which the labour market in Nigeria doesn't favour as companies are always looking for Young men and women with experience.

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While some students tend to agree with ASUU opposition to the resumption of school as they claim such actions could cause a spike in Increase of the infected and entirely Spoil the entire educational system, as the young ones who are the future leader would be infected gravely.

They claimed that it is better to stay home and stay safe, than resume and Risk being infected.

What are your thoughts on this?

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Top Comments
GUEST_3jE023LEo · 07/2/2020
Why closing down schools till now when the markets are wide open without restrictions. These same students are there all over different markets helping their parents and some idle or taking to crime. As for ASUU, they've never had the interest of the students at heart for once. Since their salaries are going on, they don't care if the schools are open
EhanaPrecious · 07/2/2020
let school resume, biko
GUEST_3QmZnw43q · 07/2/2020
pls let school resume I am tired of staying at home for 4 month this month july is the 5 month
MichaelMercyDimma · 07/1/2020
Seriously! ASSU!

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