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3 Reasons Christians And Muslims Should Get Married To Each Other

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There have actually been many controversies arising from couples getting married to someone from the other religion. Many say it's not right because of the conflicting beliefs and ways of life. Actually, is there anything bad in getting married to someone another religion, like a Muslim man getting married to a Christian woman? Let's look at it together.

Firstly, what is the purpose of marriage? Marriage is not just about religion, marriage is basically about love, procreation, comfort, security and all other factors. Religion first of all should not be a factor to be considered when getting married. We have had myriads of times a Christian got married to a Muslim and they lived happily ever after without casualties. The only problem is when one of the duo tries to convert the other to his religion. If we state love to be the ultimate reason for marriage, then religion should not be a criteria to be regarded when going down the aisle.

Secondly, it even gives the children the opportunity to choose which religion they would want to follow. For example, popular light-skinned Nollywood actress Adunni Ade was born into a mixed religion home. She recently converted back to Islam after years of managing the way of Christianity. It's obviously a wide choice for the children who have a life ahead of them. They can choose which religion is good for them.

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Lastly, it shows that we are more than just what religion makes us to be. Many things we fight against today is basically due to religion and if we can basically see the reason we can live together even if we have different religious beliefs. Love, patriotism is what should unite us and not divide us. 

Personally, I'm fine with the idea of getting married to someone from the opposite religion. What are your thoughts about this situation? Kindly drop a comment and share.

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