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3 Interesting Fact About Drum set.

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Drums and percussion are among the oldest types of instruments in mankind. It produces sound as a membrane made from a stretched surface is struck with the hands or a drum stick.

1. The very first drums to be discovered and known to men is called the alligator drum. This instrument is made from clay and alligator hides bounded together by a kind of durable string. It has been said to have originated from the Neolithic China. Historians have observed that this musical instrument manifested shamanistic characteristics from its markings and form. Because of this, they believe that these are used for sacred ritual ceremonies as early as in the 5500 BC.

2. You can play world-class drums with only one arm! Rick Allen of Def Leppard fame joined up with the band when he was just fourteen – his mum wrote in reply to the ad looking for a drummer on his behalf! – but lost his arm while they were still on their way to legendary status. After recovering, he rearranged his gear to use extra foot pedals to replace the drum set components he used to operate with his left arm. His disability has not held him back at all, and he came 7th on Gigwise’s list of The Greatest Drummer of All Time.

3. Drums have not changed much over the millennia. The form of a drum has stayed virtually the same: a skin or membrane stretched tightly over a hollow contained space that provides the reverberation needed to make the sound. There are, of course, many modern drums, electronic drums and drum tuners make it possible to dramatically alter the sound, and various improvements to the layout, manufacture and sound – but if you were to time-travel to the earliest drum user and bring him (or her) to modern times, they would instantly recognise a modern drum – and be able to use it too!

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