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Pray Seriously Against Death This Last Day Of June 2020 With These 5 Powerful Prayers.

DivineMessiah 06/29/2020

Pray Seriously Against Death This Last Day Of June 2020 With These 5 Powerful Prayers. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Do you see that You saw the end of June. You also made it to the end of half of the year. Give God praise and worship for it isn't by your will or power but by his mercies.

Now Open your mouth and begin giving words of praise unto him. He has given you so much more and He wants nothing more than your worship, glorify him.

Always Remember that the devil is still moving around like a hungry lion and is not happy. He is not happy that you are alive. He is also not happy that you saw the end of June and not the other way around.

We will pray Seriously today against every evil spirit of death hiding in the shadows to attack and kill us. The servant of God can't be taken unawares by death.

Say These 5 Powerful Prayers seriously and with all focus.

1) I bring myself before your holy presence oh lord. I am at your mercy. In any way I have erred or sinned against you lord that makes me not worthy of your love, blessings or protection, father forgive me.

Let your mighty and divine shield stand to protect my family and I this last day of June. We shall crossover to the new month and the new month shall not cross over us. In Jesus name.

2) Father any where, any location my name or any member of my family's name has been written boldly in demonic blood and writing with malicious intents, father let your holy thunder strike and render destroyed that location and every evil one there shall be destroyed.

The Blood of Jesus, which is far greater than any other blood has erased and wiped off my name completely , in Jesus name.

3) God in Exodus 14:14 your word says that you shall fight for me and I shall hold my peace. Father today you will fight for me that I may hold my peace.

Every battle against my life, to kill me. Father fight that battle and you will definitely win with your divine strength. You're my hero and you can't and will never fail. Lord, every battle against my life has been wiped out in Jesus name.

4) Lord any evil gathering or evil alter that has in one way or another gotten/obtained and taken pictures of me or my family to prophesy and proclaim death on us.

Lord, let your holy and hot fire consume them, swallow them and their false gods. Father let your brimstone filled with sulphur wreck and destroy those demonic alters in Jesus name.

5) Today being the last day of June shall be a prosperous day. This month shall end with testimonies. Lord my blessings can't and will never stop, rather they shall run over.

I shall live long and in good health, just as you wish for me, to declare the goodness of your name oh lord.

I soak i and my family with the precious blood of Jesus which was shed on the cross my sake. We are thereby soaked in divine protection and no arrow of the evil one can touch or penetrate our bodies.

Death you have been put to shame.

My father only has good thoughts towards me and not evil thoughts.

Thank you oh my lord and father.

In Jesus name we pray and believe.


Please make sure you share this serious prayer with your loved ones so they can partake in this prayer.

Leave an amen comment and like the post as well.

God bless you.

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