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Why Nigeria is the best investment destination in Africa for foreigners

Dr-moh 2d

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Over the last decade now, Nigeria and its youth, human and natural resources have dabbled through every sector that works in modern civilization and thrived in the respective fields, coming out with accolades and putting the country on the global map. It is no news that our ill luck in getting a befitting leadership that aligns with our potential and resources have been our major setback as a country but we as citizens make our mark regardless. 

Nigerians are a force to reckon with in the music, film, medical, technological and many more industries when we align with our pairs outside these shores and that is why Nigerians are highly sort after.

It is in this light I beckon to foreign bodies and corporations whom have nursed the idea of expanding their investment portfolio to look to Nigeria. Nigeria is budding and fast paced growing economy where by, private sectors can pilot the major weight of the country’s economy by engaging the resourceful and vibrant youths ranging from the legion of programmers and code gurus who could do with a replica of Silicon Valley and an influx of venture capitalists and Angel investors, or the array of young and promising moviemakers who could do with an independent movie studios and production companies while growing the cinema culture by building more theatres, the lineup of multiple event management outfits and entrepreneurs who would like to bridge the gap between the two creative worlds and their specifics by infusing each other’s in various events, clothing lines that wish to appeal to a specific African divide or represent them in some aspects, foreign artists or movie directors who wish to have a Nigerian input to add a pan global persona to their works and many more.

Nigeria is a country of over  200 million people.  Making us the 6th most populous country in the world and the most populous black nation on earth. Aside the proven level of intellect and hardwork by Nigerians, we have the population advantage to aid the growth of any brand to global domain. These foreign partnerships and investments will present opportunities that are denied us here or cordoned to special access individuals.

So, in this vain I say, come to Nigeria! Invest in Nigeria!

Source: opera.com
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