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See The Reason Why Nigerians Criticize Dr Pastor Paul Enenche

Mrloveachonu 06/25/2020

Before this dispensation, churches have been the least of organizations to be discussed same applies to the men of God. But gradually, it has now become a trend that people leave issues that bothers natural security and public interest and face men of God who are in their lane doing God's assignment.

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Among the men of God being castigated and insulted, one of them have decided to remain consistent and persistent in his divine ordination and it's none other than God's servant, Dr Pastor Paul Enenche.

Ever since the dedication of the Glory Dome, the man of God have come under heavy fire fr critics who consistently points hands of accusations to him as being a man who has extorted his followers and use the finance to build such a mighty auditorium, instead of using it to build hospitals. It's so surprising and amazing how Nigerians vent their anger on issues that don't have a base over sensitive matters that have solid foundations.

It should be noted that, although the Church can come in to support governments where necessary but its not a trite law that churches should or must build hospitals. Rather than facing government officials who are busy looting the finance of poor masses, people are busy pointing hands back to the church. Its so amazing to know that even Christians join in defaming the church of God and his servants and when they run into trouble, they remember the church and come there to be prayed for.

Dr Pastor Paul Enenche, aside being an anointed man of God is also a humanitarian. During the course of this lockdown, the man of God together with his wife has reached out to an estimated number of about 10,000 people,even she church wasn't holding.

It will also amaze you to know that, even some of the people who go about saying all manner about this servant of God are somehow beneficiaries of what God is doing through him. As a matter of fact, he was more involved in humanitarian activities during the lockdown down than ever before. People won't commend all these but will wait patiently for loop holes with which to hold servants of God to randsome.

Another question that comes to mind, is the fact that, majority of the people raining heavy words on the servant of God have nothing to show for. Why fight a man that God has blessed. Our generation no longer have regard for servants of God and when you try to correct their mentality, they'll come out to say that one has been brain washed by these men so that one can no longer reason. Hating people won't stop God from blessing them.

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Top Comments
GUEST_GvaGPrNXj · 06/26/2020
you need to know more about Christ that can help you in life. If you know Jesus, you will understand the hand of God in the life of pastor Paul Eneche. That building is where we assemble to worship our maker while the pastor give words from the lord. The pastor is God's tools . May you not perish for lack of knowlege
CasmirKing · 06/27/2020
you can never please man.the best way is focusing on what you are called to do.
KingsleyME · 06/25/2020
God purnish the devil. The world, devils agents have seen nothing yet. God is building greater sanctuaries for Himself and devil can't do anything about it. Back bitters without achievement(s). You can't stop the hand of God upon the life of His elects with your mouths. Sit down and be mentored by a man that knows road through the leading of Jehovah himself.
+234-803612**** · 06/27/2020
Writer, God bless you for this write up. Paul Enenhe is a true man of God in all ramifications. The annoying thing with critics is that they have nothing to offer. There is nothing absolutely wrong for building a good and beautiful place of worship. King Solomon built an edifice for God time past. GOD BLESS PASTOR PAUL ENENCHE, HIS FAMILY AND MINISTRY.

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