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COVID-19 Terminates 100 employee of Bowen University

FlourishB 06/24/2020

According to reports about 100 members of staff of the Bowen University Iwo Osun state have been laid off. It Saddens the mind that the knowledge of the effect of COVID-19 might be common knowledge but the reality of the economic implication of this global pandemic bites differently.

The Management of Bowen University have hinged the cause of immediate relieve of duty of 100 of her staff strength on COVID-19, though some affected individuals by the sack believe that COVID-19 didn't stop the purchase of over 40million naira vehicle by the Vice Chancellor of the university but issues surrounding such purchase might be or might not even be related to the sack of the 100 members of staff.

What COVID-19 is capable of is far beyond, fever, cough or even death. If one successfully remain safe and healthy one has to also protect him/herself with viable economic alternatives as COVID-19 is capable of taking once employment.

Can one be truly immuned or protected from the economic Implication of this View pictures in App save up to 80% data. global pandemic? Pls Let me know what you think

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