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Woo Do Hwan is going for his compulsory military service

Kdiva 06/24/2020

I am sure that after watching "the king: eternal monarch", we were intrigued by the acting of Woo Do Hwan, where he acted as ' Eun Seob' and 'Yeong' and i am sure you were also stunned by his cool acting as Yeong and playful side as Eun Seob.

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But today he dropped the bombshell and announced his enlistment in the military service through his Instagram page.

Military service is compulsory for every male in South Korea, just like NYSC is for us as Nigerians but the only difference is that in Nigeria it's for every body.

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The letter is interpreted thus;

"You may be surprised by the sudden news, but I am writing this letter because I wanted to personally announce this to my fans first.

I am enlisting as an active duty soldier on July 6. I feel apologetic for not being able to directly meet you and say goodbye.

I was happy while doing every project I was in thanks to the overflowing love everyone gave me.

Thank you for watching over my 20s and loving me. Thanks to that, I was able to spend my 20s very happily.

I hope that you will be healthy and happy during these difficult times. I will return in good health and work to impress once again.

I love you so much and feel so thankful that I cannot express it fully in words".

June 24, 2020.

From, Woo Do Hwan.

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After his announcement,every body including his Co-stars has been showing concerns in the comment section on his Instagram page about how sad they were,some wished him Well.

I am sure you want to show how you feel too, why don't you comment below.

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