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Bringing Bukola Saraki to his feet; one step to liberation but not the guaranteed change

FindOut 06/24/2020

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The result of the election held in February 23rd, 2019 gave Bukola Saraki the greatest shock of his life; that was when Kwarans decided to show him the exit door out of the state through the 2019 senatorial election. It was a great shock to the PDP leader in Kwara and the then, Senate President of the 8th National House of Senate. A moment when all Kwarans rejoiced and believed the wind of change had finally blown.

Apparently, the wind of change seems to have blown but maybe in another direction or towards the direction it was never expected. To start with, the replacement of Bukola Saraki with Dr. Ibrahim Yahaya Oloriegbe had shown no significant change in the life of the people of the constituency. Ever since his (Oloriegbe) inauguration in May, 2019, the constituency had seen no reason or significant different why Bukola Saraki was voted out of the house of Senate other than taking from him, the power to control the state welfare and finance.

How can someone define power? Power is anything that drives you crazy because you can make other people do what you might have never tried or think of getting done. Yes, when power is allowed to drive something or someone, it gives someone more negativities than positivity because it’s controlled by a dangerous spirit who is desperate to detriment the life of all beings. However, power is not easy to wield and some points in time, it consumers its owner and take over the owner instead of it being controlled.

This is exactly what happened with Dr. Bukola Saraki when he had the whole of Kwara locked in his pocket. He was seriously consumed by the power he inherited from his late father, Abubakar Saraki. When you allow devil to take over your life affairs, it tells you to do all sort of things; he make you think you’re god and nothing or no one can stand against you. This lesson was well learned by the topic of this discussion; when he realized he was going down, it was too late for him to secure his career from the angry Kwarans and in conjunction with powerful people above, Bukola was sunk into a rough dusk and ever since, he’s been planning to make great moves come 2023. I wish he could have never attempted the presidency slot likewise he should have never left the presidential party.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Whatever, Bukola made a lot of mistakes while wielding the leftover power by his late father. But his mistakes had not been taken as lessons in Kwara, especially for the like of Oloriegbe who inherited Bukola’s shoe. Or maybe the post is too heavy for him to carry or he is less prepared for the seat on the other hand.

The presence of Oloriegbe in the house of Senate only proofs one thing; insulting the ex-candidate and nothing more as long as this 9th House of National Assembly is concerned. Only two bills had been passed from his sections and the state is still lacking behind, projects, supports, palliatives, employment opportunities, educational supports among others.

If this continues, the state will have no single opportunity to fault the past government or the godfatherism of Bukola Saraki in Kwara state as the senator. Hope someone will talk to him and he could make changes.

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234-817588**** · 06/25/2020
That is what you(kwara people) deserved. when god bless you with a whole senate president of Nigeria and you deliberately rejected the blessing. I don't think kwara can get such an opportunity again perhaps in the next generation. if at all saraki did anything wrong, you supposed to call him to order and see him as your pride. Honestly kwara is an orphanage state which have no popular politician recognised in national level. see where rebellion don do you.

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